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Pharia learned how to knit an I-Cord last week

Jaime Gjerdingen

Pharia ambitiously learned how to knit by making a felted water bottle carrier. Having weekly access to her circle facilitator guaranteed that she could make an intermediate level project as a new knitting learner. Here she is practicing a new skill, knitting an I-Cord, to make the handle of her carrier.

Well done, Pharia!!

Augsburg Park LitKnit Circle Fills Up!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Last week, the Augsburg Park library circle filled up with 3 more people joining us at the table. We are making our way through the book “Spoon and Egg” by Gregory MaGuire. Carol Rae, a participant, mentioned how relaxing it was to be read to as an adult - how adults aren’t read to like children are - and yet, it is so good to be read to while working on a project.

Mary, a participant from last fall, came again and is hoping to come as often as her schedule permits.

Pharia and Babitha are almost finished with their felted drink carriers. They learned to knit by making them, quite an accomplishment!

Here are some pics of the last few weeks, enjoy!

Piper made a finger-knitted project!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Piper has been finger-knitting and finger-knitting like crazy this spring at our LK Circle. She finally finished and created a circular blanket. We discussed many ways of sewing it together, it will be fun to see which way she decides to sew it up! Great job, Piper!

Redesigning a project to finish...

Jaime Gjerdingen

Since the Monroe Street Circle is taking a break for Spring, Mia and Amelia decided to combine their projects together to make a little purse for Amelia. Here, LitKnit Facilitator, Jaime works with them to design the piece.

Two visitors in April so far!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Rebeca (behind Jasper's silly face) and Zion (two colored hair girl) visited the American Craft Council Circle in last month. It is so fun to have guests at our circle. Let us know if you'd like to experience a LitKnit circle and we'll set you up!

Where did we go??

Jaime Gjerdingen

Holy buckets! We have not been updating the status of our groups for awhile. I guess we got busy! Watch for April highlights of our American Craft Council and Monroe Street circles over the next few days. Hope Spring decides to come and stay in Minnesota soon!