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Full circle!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Four new people joined our Craft Council Circle on Wednesday. We have even opened up a waiting list for another person who was interested in joining. One thing we love is that one of the new people who joined is little brother to one of our participants, and the person on the waiting list is a brother of another participant as well. We have noticed that knitting helps families. Most of our participants in families have had more than one family member in our circles. They tell us how knitting is a skill that helps them even at home.

Check out The Yarn MissiOn!

Jaime Gjerdingen

The Yarn MissiOn is a collective that was formed in response to the police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri last year. They meet in public and knit together to create an accessible atmosphere to make conversations about race possible. Here is the article from The Guardian where I learned about them. Take a look, then check out their website! They are breaking into the scene here in Minneapolis, I am SO excited and can't wait to connect.