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Craft Council LitKnit Circle held a bake sale for Give to the Max Day

Jaime Gjerdingen

The Craft Council LitKnit Circle held a bake sale last week for the American Craft Council and RSP Architect employees. Thank you, thank you LitKnit participants who donated baked goods to sell! 

Why Mia likes LitKnit...

Jaime Gjerdingen

Mia's daughters have been involved with LitKnit for a few years. First her daughter Isabel participated in the Monroe Street Circle and now she and her daughter Amelia are participating. It has been SO great to have them both in circle. :) 

Why Ginny likes LitKnit...

Jaime Gjerdingen

Ginny is our first, original neighborhood coordinator and has been supporting the LitKnit circle that meets in her house for over 3 years! Her commitment and faithfulness to her neighbors shines through in her LitKnit circle. :) Thanks for your years of work, Ginny!

Samia tells us why she likes LitKnit

Jaime Gjerdingen

Samia has participated in the Monroe Street Circle for a little over 3 years! She has progressed in knitting, as she tells you. Besides the knit stitch, she's learned to purl and rib and made a hat. Samia is the comedian of the circle and loves to make us all laugh. Thank you, Samia, for years of enjoyment teaching you to knit! :)

Thank you so much for donating to LitKnit!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Katrina is the Neighborhood Coordinator for our Craft Council LitKnit circle. She is also a trained facilitator! Her commitment to LitKnit has increased with the years, not decreased. We are SO thankful for her and her passionate support of LitKnit's work. Thank you, Katrina!