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Here is a shout out to our Monroe Street Neighborhood Coordinator: Ginny!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Here is Ginny who has been the Neighborhood Coordinator of our Monroe Street Circle for a little over 3 years! Ginny is the one who had some kids hanging out at her house after school, on a consistent basis, and she asked Jaime if Jaime thought there might be something they could do together... and LitKnit was born. Ginny and Jaime began with those kids and the first LitKnit circle took shape AND there are still original members active in it today!! THEN a little bit of time passed and Ginny introduced Jaime to her friend KATRINA (who we just did a shout out to) and Katrina began being a LitKnit Neighborhood Coordinator AND is now a LitKnit Facilitator. Ginny connects people and sticks with it. Ginny continues to be the Neighborhood Coordinator for the circle that meets in her house AND Ginny is currently serving on LitKnit's board. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ginny for your consistent, faithful, honest support and giving of your time and resources to the people of LitKnit. If you are reading this post, leave a comment and show Ginny some love!

Here is a shout out to our Craft Council Neighborhood Coordinator: Katrina!!

Jaime Gjerdingen

Katrina has been our faithful Neighborhood Coordinator for our Craft Council LitKnit circle. We have met for over two years! That means she has faithfully worked week in, week out to support our circle coming together. Even though a LitKnit circle doesn't meet every single week of the year, there is always little bits of work that the facilitator and neighborhood coordinators hold to keep the consistency of the circle in tact. Katrina. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithful support of your time and resources on behalf of the people of LitKnit. If you are reading this post, please comment and show Katrina some love!